If you are new to Pocket Build or playing for the first time, it might feel like you are being dropped in the wild when you start the game. This post will give you some general information and tips to help you work your way around the game and discover new things.

Ultimate Sandbox Mode

When you start the game, you are restricted to items that you can afford with your food, wood, and gold resources. Ultimate Sandbox Mode essentially gives you unlimited resources so you can unleash your full creativity and build freely in the game. You can easily enable this mode in your Settings.

First-person Mode

With the latest update, you are now able to go into first-person mode. With this new feature, you can create (for example) caves and look into them. This is how you enable it: Place a person on the land, click the person and then the ‘shield’ button. Click on the bottom button that says ‘control (beta)’ click the green ‘I understand’ button and you’re free to walk around. (Note that it’s still in beta and it will be improved over the next updates.)

Snap Settings

If you like to combine buildings to create unique combinations, ‘Super Precise’ mode is a great way to do this. This will make it easier to overlap and place things tighter together, you can enable this in the Building settings.

A great way to add detail to your builds is by combining different items, I’ll show some examples:

A table with a glass of a drink:

A pile of skeletons:

Quick Delete

Want to delete tiles faster? Change the Tile Delete Mode to “Fast Delete”. This will let you delete single tiles by just tapping on them.


Whenever you make your own island with fancy cliff edges you want to make sure you do the outline first. If you don’t do the outline first you’re going to have a really hard time landscaping, promise me. And when you did the outline it’s handy to add another layer on the inside to make sure no tiles with stick out of the island.

Landscape by HYDRA-XTREME

If you don’t want to create your own landscape you can always use the default landscape or download other players landscapes from the Featured tab or using the Search feature.

Advanced Rotation

If you’re going for a more natural look on your island try and make the vegetation look more natural by using the ‘advanced rotation’. Also try to place flowers in clumps to make them look even more natural, I will show the difference below:

Without ‘advanced rotation’:

With ‘advanced rotation’:


Explosives can be used to destroy large amounts of land and objects. Place a TNT anywhere in your world and a Detonator beside it to detonate the TNT.

Join us on Discord for more tips, tricks, and inspiration

That’s all, if you need any other tips and tricks join our discord server. This is also a great way to get some feedback on your world and you’ll be able to participate in challenges, you will also be able to get some sneak peeks on the upcoming updates: https://discord.gg/pWV5NnN

About me

I am Anouk, an experienced Pocket Builder. Check out my YouTube channel where I mainly showcase my worlds/builds & speed-builds. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxLjaVz_n479LjgpXzHVlA

If you are a regular Pocket Builder, keep a look out for the next blog post which will provide more advanced tips.

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