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We make games, but we also help other developers achieve their dream and bring their games to a larger audience.


We believe in full transparency with all our partners. We even welcome all developers to our London office for a quick chat, some warm tea, or even some cold beer.

Rise to the top

Getting your game to a wider audience can be very difficult. Our games have reached #1 on the app store with multiple awards. We help all our games reach the same standard.


Our production team will help transform your game idea into a market-ready product! We'll support you in the production, business, marketing and financial aspects of the development.

The new superstars of UK Gaming.

Featured by Apple as the new superstars of UK Gaming! Do you want to be a superstar too? We can be superstars together.

Over 1 million paid downloads.

Pocket Build has achieved over 1 million paid downloads on iOS alone in just 1 year. That's a lot of downloads.

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Featured as Game of the day on App Store worldwide!



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